Potential Has No Limit

With the proper education and therapy, children can overcome any challenges to grow and evolve—to reach their true potential.

Education is the magic key to unlocking doors. Our teachers offer the skill, patience, and encouragement each child so desperately needs.
Perceived obstacles are but the bridge to amazing growth. We provide the foundation for children to make great strides on the journey.
We give all children the hope to enjoy a life that isn’t bound by limitation—a life that enables them to not only grow, but thrive.

In the right
environment, any
child can thrive

How do you measure the value of a child? Or their potential to grow and contribute to society? These are questions Dr. Leslie Meyer asked back in 1954 when he founded the Meyer Center. He saw the inherent promise in every child, regardless of circumstances or obstacles. Today, some 60+ years later, we still share that vision, and a belief that with the proper nurturing and care, every child can realize their dreams.

You can make a big difference in their lives

The best way to impact the lives of these families is by getting involved today.

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