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Success Stories

Every child matters.

Every child has the potential to grow and learn. In the right environment, they can grow, mature, blossom, and thrive. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child who comes to the Meyer Center has the care, the therapy, the resources, and most of all, the belief, that their challenges can be overcome—and that they can reach their maximum potential.


Education, Therapy, Love: the three ingredients for growth.

The Meyer Center is unique in its interdisciplinary approach, which allows the student to be viewed as a “whole,” functioning with separate and distinct developmental skills. In a nurturing environment, Meyer Center preschool classrooms encourage children to experiment, explore and manipulate their environment while developing imagination and creativity. The result, as you will see, are children that not only blossom, but thrive.

Personal Stories

My husband, Billy, and I adopted our precious daughter, AnnaKate, in 2006. We were able to follow the birth mother’s perfect pregnancy and take AnnaKate home from the hospital after her birth. Instantly, we fell in love with our daughter. But when she was four months old, Anna Kate was diagnosed with Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes marked developmental delays and mental disabilities.

We were crushed, and overwhelmed by AnnaKate’s many needs. Therapy sessions, heart monitors, appointments with specialists filled the rest of that first year. As we regained our balance and sought help, our search led us to the Meyer Center. When AnnaKate began attending the Center at one year of age, we knew immediately that we had found a “family.” A place where people understood our child’s needs. A place where AnnaKate could receive the therapies she required in a nurturing learning environment.

The teachers, administrators and therapists all embraced our child, and us. They push her each day to achieve more than we ever thought possible. And her progress at the Center has been amazing to watch. Without the Meyer Center, I don’t know where we would be.

Before we adopted AnnaKate, I never expected to need a school like the Meyer Center. Now I know what a priceless asset to the community this special place is, and how important it is for our children.

Our journey with the Meyer Center began when our son, Parker Riley Johnson, turned 18 months old. Parker was breech and delivered by C-Section at 39 weeks. There were no complications and the procedure was uneventful. That morning in the operating room I witnessed the miracle of my first child being brought into this world. As the father of a new son I immediately went into “dad” mode. Fatherly dreams of first steps, sports, and fast cars rushed through my head! I can’t express the excitement I felt inside. I had a son! Over the next several months I realized those expectations would have to be reset.

Parker was not meeting the milestones that “normal” babies achieve. He soon fell off of the growth chart and we noticed muscle tone issues. Parker’s first year of life was spent being seen by every specialist available. Neurology, Endocrinology, Genetics, Physical Therapy…the list kept growing as each specialist gave us the same answer – “we don’t know”. As new parents this answer was not acceptable.

We were introduced to the Meyer Center and after our first visit to the facility we knew this is where Parker needed to be. The love and attention the staff shows each and every child gave us the comfort that Parker’s needs, although unknown at the time, would be met. The teachers and therapists see the unique potential that each child possesses and have the dedication and devotion to unlock it.

Parker has been at the Meyer Center for 2 years now. Although we still don’t have an official diagnosis to explain Parker’s condition he continues to receive therapy and meets new milestones every month. The Meyer Center has not only helped Parker, but they have helped Erin and me in so many ways; from navigating through his therapy needs, helping us manage our emotions, and helping us reset our expectations for things to come. We are so thankful to have the Meyer Center in our life.

Parker’s first steps were taken in a gait trainer, sports will take on a different shape, and the fast cars…well it may be a little soon to go there, but we know that the Meyer Center will help Parker, and every other child entrusted to their care, reach every bit of their potential. The vision that Dr. Meyer had back in 1954 is still going strong today. Greenville is blessed to have such a wonderful place in the community.

Our Meyer Center story begins with the birth of our daughter, Addison Lee Walter. As we shared our hopes, dreams, and expectations for her, we could not have prepared for the news we received shortly after she entered our arms. We heard a cacophony of doctors and nurses in the background discussing indicators for Down Syndrome.  We had no prior warning; and at 27 years old it was easy to be convinced “I’m not in that risk category.” You feel numb…shattered. Yet, you love your new baby with every fiber in you.

Our daughter, Addi, was officially diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome at one week old.  When we began researching this rare form of down syndrome (only 1-2% of the Down Syndrome population have mosaic), we realized that we were headed on one truly unique journey. The first few months were filled with visits with pediatricians, geneticists, specialists, and lining up therapies. In the chaos of trying to line up every possible opportunity for Addi, I recalled participating several years prior in a United Way tour that visited the Meyer Center for Special Children. That tour was so powerful and inspiring, though I never imagined it would be such a reality in my own future.

After our first visit with the staff at the Meyer Center, we decided to relocate our family from Aiken, SC and return to Upstate, SC. At the age of 9 months, Addi began attending the Meyer Center.

Our time at the Meyer Center has introduced us to so many unique and beautiful children and their families. Each day, the teachers, therapists and staff embrace Addi and her schoolmates with love and acceptance.  We can leave Addi for the day with confidence that anyone she encounters will see her true potential and has a passion to help her reach it. I am never surprised to see an unfamiliar face greet Addi by name and with a big smile, making us each feel special. It is almost impossible to describe the comfort it provides a mother knowing that your child is in the hands of people that love your child and want the best for your child.

Addi is almost 16 months and has been meeting milestones left and right. Each week is full of new surprises and new skills. Though the last year has been filled with many emotions, fears, joys, celebrations, and the unknown; the Meyer Center family has helped us sort through those emotions, understand our fears, share in our joys, celebrate milestones, and educate us about our unknowns. The Meyer Center has quickly become a part of our extended family and holds a dear place in our hearts.

We have developed a strong appreciation for the important role the Meyer Center plays in the lives of our community’s special needs families. The Meyer Center provides services to all children, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.  However, your support is needed to ensure that Upstate families can continue to have the opportunity to experience the programs, as well as the compassion, offered by this very special school.  We owe so much to the Meyer Center and to Dr. Meyer and his vision for children with disabilities.


David Johnson

"We know that the Meyer Center will help our son, and every other child entrusted to their care, reach every bit of their potential."

Bill & Kelly Weekes

"At sixteen months, AnnaKate began attending the Meyer Center. The tide turned; we were no longer alone."

The Aldebol Family

"Since Benjamin has attended the Meyer Center, he has accomplished more than we could have ever imagined."

Jason Cordell

"On visiting the Center, I was overwhelmingly impressed with the staff, the caring and love they showed each child, and the facility."

The Irvin Family

"Words cannot express how grateful we are to be a part of the Meyer Center."

Vickie Kilbride

"Dr. Leslie Meyer was a great and wonderful man for conceiving of such a place for children. He is a hero in my eyes."

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