Learning Experience

The Meyer Center Learning Experience


For children to learn it is critical to understand their needs. By delivering quality education and proper therapy, we can put each
child on the road to success. And that first step begins here.

A Proper Evaluation

Upon entering our preschool program, each student is evaluated by an interdisciplinary team of teachers, therapists and social workers, who determine the child’s current level of developmental functioning. The Team then coordinates specific services with the family and physician to develop an Individualized Educational Program (IEP). This allows us to address specific needs in the following areas: cognitive, language, sensory, gross and fine motor, social/emotional, and self-help.

The Right Environment

Everything we do is tailored to meet the child’s unique situation. We understand that these pre-school children learn optimally through active, experiential play. They build knowledge through experiences, and they develop skills and confidence through repeated interactions. A typical daily classroom routine includes a mix of direct instruction and opportunities for children to choose their own activities. Making each child a participant in his or her own learning is critical for growth and healthy development.
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