Become a member of impact!

Join a group of your peers to celebrate and enrich the lives of children with disabilities in our community. Enjoy social events and volunteer opportunities as we support the educational and developmental needs of children at the Meyer Center.
Member Benefits

Grow your social and professional networks through social events and community engagement.

Gain valuable leadership skills by serving on committees.

Create memorable moments in the lives of children and families through monthly volunteer opportunities.

Support the educational and therapeutic needs of the children through annual giving.


More about Impact!

Mission of impact! – To empower young professionals to support children with disabilities so that they may reach their full potential.

 Impact! membership requirements:

  • Be a young professional in the Greenville community
  • Contribute annual dues of $100
  • Participate in quarterly social and volunteer events
  • Be enthusiastic and a community advocate for the Meyer Center
  • Encourage participation and recruit future impact! members

Social events:

  • Wine Tasting at Foxcroft Wine
  • Live Music Meet and Greet hosted at Gather GVL
  • Fall Football Tailgate event
  • Ladies Luncheon

Volunteer service events:

  • Host holiday party in Meyer Center classroom
  • Graduation celebration in May
  • Arts and Crafts sessions with kids
  • Family Fun night
  • Kids Classic Golf Tournament
  • Back to school bash
  • Lunchroom help
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Summer water days at the Meyer Center

For more info about impact! email:

Executive Committee Members:
  • Sarah Floyd, President
  • John Runion, Treasurer
  • Michele Dupuis, Event Chair
  • Rebecca Ellefson, Meyer Center Board Representative
  • Abbey Bell, Parent Advocate
  • Jordan Ogden, Membership Director

Be an advocate for children like Rhett

Rhett was born a happy and healthy baby to his loving parents, Nick and Lindsay. He was meeting every developmental milestone, but just before his second birthday, the unimaginable happened: Rhett woke up one morning unable to move. He was admitted to the ICU at Greenville Health System and later diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis — a rare autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation in the brain and spinal cord.

“Rhett’s immune system had mistakenly attacked his brain while trying to fight off a virus,” Lindsay says. “Overnight, Rhett lost the ability to move. He could no longer hold his head up, swallow, or even move his arms or legs.”

The next several months revolved around inpatient and outpatient therapy, doctor visits, and tests. Nick and Lindsay sought out the best in-home treatment plans before realizing that Rhett needed more specialized care. And they knew the Meyer Center was their best option.

Like all students, Rhett receives the personalized education, therapy, and guidance he needs to develop and reach his maximum potential. After a year at the Meyer Center, Rhett’s receptive language skills grew by more than 15 months.

“The Meyer Center means everything to us,” Lindsay says. “It is not just Rhett’s school. It is a place of hope.”

When you join impact! and become a supporter of the Meyer Center, you help make it possible for children like Rhett to learn and grow each and every day through our life-changing programs and services.
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