Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining the Meyer Center team, feel free to contact us at:

The Meyer Center employs staff in the following positions:

  • Licensed and registered physical and occupational therapists
  • Therapy assistants
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Certified special education teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • Administrative and Executive Staff
  • Development staff
  • Social work

Open Positions

Special Education Teachers

The Meyer Center for Special Children is looking for Special Education Teachers for the 2021-2022 school year. Send resumes and cover letters to the Education Director at

Part Time Literacy Coach

We are looking for a part time literacy coach to work part time with our teachers and students.  Please contact Elizabeth Bridges or Meta Bowers with your resume and cover letter.  The job requirements and responsibilities are below. 


Reading coaches shall serve as job-embedded, stable resources for professional development throughout schools to generate improvement in reading and literacy instruction and student achievement. Reading coaches shall support and provide initial and ongoing professional development to teachers based on an analysis of student assessment and the provision of differentiated instruction and intensive intervention. The reading coach shall:

(a) model effective instructional strategies for teachers by working weekly with students in whole, and small groups, or individually.

(b) facilitate study groups.

(c) train teachers in data analysis and using data to differentiate instruction.

(d) coaching and mentoring colleagues.

(e) work with teachers to ensure that research-based reading programs are implemented with fidelity.

(f) work with all teachers (including content area and elective areas) at the school they serve, and help prioritize time for those teachers, activities, and roles that will have the greatest impact on student achievement, namely coaching and mentoring in the classrooms; and

(g) help lead and support reading leadership teams.

(3) “The reading coach must not be assigned a regular classroom teaching assignment, must not perform administrative functions that deter from the flow of improving reading instruction and reading performance of students and must not devote a significant portion of his or her time to administering or coordinating assessments.” Schools and districts accepting funding to support a coaching position agree that the literacy coach must not serve as a full- or part-time administrator.


The SCDE must publish guidelines that define the minimum qualifications for a reading/literacy coach. These guidelines must deem any licensed/certified teacher qualified if, at a minimum, he or she:

(1) holds a bachelor’s degree or higher and the R2S Literacy Coach or R2S Literacy Specialist endorsement; or

(2) holds a bachelor’s degree or higher and is actively pursuing the R2S Literacy Coach or R2S Literacy Specialist endorsement; or

(3) holds a master’s degree or higher in reading or a closely related field and is actively pursuing the R2S Literacy Coach or R2S Literacy Specialist endorsement.

Within these guidelines, the SCDE must assist districts in identifying a reading/literacy coach in the event that the school is not successful in identifying and directly employing a qualified candidate. The provisions of subsection (A), including the local support requirements, shall also apply to any allocations made pursuant to this paragraph.


The SCDE and the district agree to minimum additional qualifications and responsibilities for a school-based reading/literacy coach. The additional qualifications are as follows:

  • Has knowledge of and the ability to apply adult learning theory within professional learning experiences.
  • Works effectively with adults and motivates them to change practices.
  • Has experience as a successful classroom teacher.
  • Has experience in increasing student achievement in reading.
  • Has knowledge of evidence-based reading research, quality reading instruction, and a depth of content knowledge.
  • Has an ability to integrate reading strategies into other content areas.
  • Is experienced in data analysis to inform instruction; and
  • Has excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal, and time management skills.

The additional responsibilities include:

  • Assist with the development of the school’s annual Reading Plan submission.
  • Must participate in the SCDE R2S Coach Institute or in an alternate coach program approved by the SCDE.
  • Attend all monthly sessions.
  • Attend all virtual meeting/training sessions.
  • Meet monthly with administration to discuss progress (review data), issues, and concerns based on goals.
  • Serve as job-embedded, stable resources for PLOs that adhere to professional learning standards.
  • Continue to participate in job-embedded professional development. This professional development will be based on the needs of coaches; and
  • Complete documentation and surveys related to job functions.

Employment Inquiry

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc.

In accordance with Federal law, the Meyer Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, familial status, disability or limited English proficiency. The Meyer Center is an equal opportunity/affirmative action provider and employer.

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